Responsible Person (RP) for Cosmetics

Manufacturers must have a responsible person to assist in selling cosmetic products on the EU market. The responsible person has the primary responsibility to ensure that the product complies with the requirements of the cosmetics regulation. This includes responsibility for the product's safety, its labeling, as well as having registered the product in the EU Commission's CPNP. If a company is unable to take on the role of the Responsible Person themselves, this responsibility can be delegated.

Herax Food Solutions can support cosmetic companies wishing to sell their products in the European market in the role of Responsible Person.

As your representative within the EU, we set up a program where we, among other things:

- Compile relevant information.

- Assess the information in the Product Information File (PIF).

- Review the packaging texts to ensure they comply with EU legislation.

- Register the contents in CPNP.

- Establish procedures for reporting any serious side effects to the Medical Products Agency.

- Create a website with information about the products.

- And more…


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