About Herax Food Solutions

Herax Food Solutions AB was founded in Stockholm in 2009 and is a consultancy firm that caters to companies operating in the retail market in Scandinavia. Since the beginning, we have focused our operations on advising on legislation in Scandinavia, particularly in the areas of food, chemicals, cosmetics, and textiles. In addition to this, we have a well-developed program for services within food safety and quality.

An interest in entrepreneurship, standard requirements, and regulations characterizes the company, and we enjoy the challenge of helping our clients to integrate these different aspects into their operations. To do this in the best way possible, we seek to have a solid competence within the company where we value both theoretical and practical skills of our employees. We also have strong support in our Scandinavian network with access to other experts in various fields such as translation, law, certification audits, and more.