HeraxForms is a digital supplier assessment and evaluation tool that helps you keep track of your suppliers.

With HeraxForms, you can easily access the responses given by suppliers to your questions and get an overview of relevant certificates, specifications, and other important documents.

You can also easily compare the responses from suppliers to see how their systems have developed over time.

HeraxForms has a reminder system that automatically sends out reminders to suppliers when it's time to update certificates and other important documents.

HeraxForms is a subscription service with a contract period of 36 months, which includes a 'trial period' in the first year. If you choose to terminate the collaboration, you only pay for this year.

This is included:

3 Forms in Swedish and English for:

- Food suppliers according to IP Food Standard

- Packaging suppliers

- A generally formulated form for service providers

- Half-day course in HeraxForms

- Transfer of suppliers to HeraxForms from CSV file

- Technical support during the period.

We have other forms that can be purchased additionally:

- Transporters

- Pest control suppliers

- Laundries

- Public procurement

- Organic and KRAV certified products


Our contact form is currently under construction but you can reach us at : info@heraxfood.se