Mårten portrait

Deep dive into Mårten at Herax


What are your job responsibilities?

My focus areas include legislation regarding chemicals, sustainability, and the environment. I assist local and international clients with chemical reviews when introducing new products, design and adapt procedures for our clients' management systems to meet new and existing requirements in legislation and certifications within environmental and sustainability domains. Examples on those are ISO 14001, CSRD, and the Single-Use Plastics Directive. This may include tasks such as generating safety data sheets, chemical management procedures, internal audits, and regulatory contacts.

I also help clients with training regarding legal requirements in cosmetics, chemical products, goods, and chemical management.

How long have you been working at Herax?

Since December 2022.

What do you appreciate most about your job?

I appreciate the wide variety of tasks, which leads to exciting problems with equally exciting solutions. This often requires both technical and creative solutions to match the needs of different companies and workgroups.

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