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Mårten Schollin

Consultant specialising in Regulations & Quality Coordinator within the field of Chemicals as well as Environmental Coordinator

Mårten is a chemical engineer with a master's degree in macromolecular materials and has previously worked as a development chemist in the paint industry. There, he has worked on developing new colour systems among other tasks.

At the Herax Food Solutions AB, Mårten works on reviewing and labelling chemical and cosmetic products. This includes preparing Safety Data Sheets, PCN notifications, and CPNP registrations. Mårten also works with environmental legislation and standards such as ISO 14001, CSRD, and the Single-Use Plastics Directive. He also acts as an Environmental and Quality Coordinator for clients, both long-term and as an interim solution. These roles involve everything from chemical management, supplier control, product labelling, regulatory contacts, internal audits, to legislative issues.

The clients Mårten works with are primarily in Europe, but also in the North American and Asian markets.

Mårten receives positive feedback from his clients, specifically related to his dynamic work approach, deliveries with high quality and his networking abilities.



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