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New additive approved for use in food supplements


A new food additive, trimagnesium dicitrate with number E 345 (i), has recently been approved for use as a stabilizer and anti-caking agent in food supplements in a solid form.

The purpose of the additive is to bind small residual amounts of water during the processing of food supplements and inside the packaging.

The amendment is found in EU Regulation 2024/346 which amends EU Regulation 1333/2008 on food additives. The change implies that E 345 (i) may be used in food category 17.1 "Food supplements supplied in a solid form, excluding food supplements for infants and young children." The established maximum level is 100,000 mg/kg.

In the same regulation there is also a description of the purity criteria that apply to the additive and which will be added to EU Regulation 231/2012 on specifications for food additives.

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