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Indication of origin for dried fruits and nuts


As of January 1, 2025, it will be mandatory with an origin indication for a variety of dried fruits, berries and certain nuts (even without shells). The new rules can be found in EU Regulation 2023/2429 which supplements the EU marketing standards within the agricultural sector (EU No. 1308/2013).

Examples of products that will be covered by the requirements are dried apricots, plums and apples, raisins, peeled almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. As a general rule, it must be stated from which country the product origin from. However, for mixtures with products from different countries, the names of the countries of origin may be replaced with one of the following indications, as appropriate: (a) ‘EU’; (b) ‘non-EU’; (c) ‘EU and non-EU’.

The requirement does not apply when dried fruit or nuts are sold mixed with other ingredients that are not covered by the marketing standards, for example when dried fruit is included in a muesli.

EU-Regulation 2023/2429

EU-Regulation 1308/2013