EU föreslår ändringar i frukostdirektiven

EU Proposes Changes to Breakfast Directives


EU Proposes Changes to Breakfast Directives

The so-called breakfast directives include, among other things, regulations on what can be called jam, marmalade, jelly, fruit juice, nectar, honey, and milk powder. There are a total of seven breakfast directives, and the EU Commission has proposed changes to four of them.

The proposals briefly include:

  • Requirement for a higher fruit content in jam.

  • Possibility to reduce the sugar content in fruit juice.

  • Stricter origin rules for honey with mixed origins.

  • Inclusion of lactose-free products under condensed milk and milk powder.

The full proposals can be read here: EUR-Lex - 52023PC0201 - EN - EUR-Lex ( The breakfast directives that will remain unchanged for the time being are those concerning cocoa and chocolate products, coffee extracts and chicory extracts, as well as the directive on sugar. If you want to learn more about what is required for a food product to be called, for example, jam, juice, or milk chocolate, we can recommend our digital training on food labeling. Link to our digital labeling trainings: WEBBTRAINING- Herax Food Solutions