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Did you know that smoke flavourings will probably be prohibited in the future?


In November 2023 EFSA published scientific advice on the safety of eight smoke flavourings on the EU market, the authorisation of which was due for renewal, according to the applicable legislation. Based on the available scientific evidence, experts could not rule out concerns regarding genotoxicity for any of the eight smoke flavourings. The EU commission therefore propose that their approval shall not be renewed. They also propose a transitional period for foods containing these 8 smoke flavourings, from 2-5 years depending on the products.

As no applications have been submitted for the renewal of the authorisations of SF-007 and SF-010, the authorisations of these smoke flavouring primary products expired on 31 December 2023. According to the provisions of Article 4(2) of Regulation (EC) 2065/2003 no products containing SF-007 or SF-010 has been allowed to be placed on the market since the 31st of December 2023. Foods containing SF-007 or SF-010 that were placed on the market prior to 1st January 2024 may remain on the market until their date of minimum durability or 'use by' date."

Link to Commission implementing regulation regarding smoke flavourings (proposal)