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Additive stearyl tartrate (E 483) is being removed from the additives list


Stearyl tartrate, numbered E 483, is a substance with dough-enhancing properties that has been approved for use in bread, confectionery, desserts, and flavored, fermented milk products.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has conducted a new evaluation of the substance and concluded that there is a lack of data to demonstrate its safety. The authority has requested safety data from stakeholders who wish to use the substance in food, but no new information has been submitted. Consequently, the EU Commission has decided that the substance should be removed from the additives list, i.e., from Annex II to EU Regulation 1333/2008.

Foods containing stearyl tartrate (E 483) that have been legally placed on the market before 23 April 2024 may continue to be sold until their best-before or use-by date. See all about this change in EU Regulation 2023/2379.